Finally! Systems for a gritty survival-horror experience in your 5e Campaign.

The Wilderness System will test your players’ ingenuity and grit and enable your table to easily scale and customize your campaign's difficulty and flavor.

Customize your survivor and triumph against the odds.

With a new core class, 20+ subclasses, 20+ feats, 40+ spells, and new class features for every class, this book emphasizes player choice and creativity.

Setting and systems designed together to enhance your game.

Explore a grim world and its themes of desperation and perseverance, where survivors choose to be a light in a dark place... or do what is unsavory to survive.

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The Gloaming Wild is a survival and horror supplement for the 5th Edition of the World's First Roleplaying Game. It presents options and resources for both players and GM's. This book contains systems and settings to enhance your campaign, facilitating stories of desperation and heroism, horror and survival.
Beyond the safety of walls, the wild awaits, and the wild is untamable.


The Gloaming Wild has a trove of options for creating and playing characters in survival-horror campaigns. Customize your survivor and triumph against the odds. Explore new subclasses, feats, spells, and a new character class.
Cling to your faith, your friends, your weapons, whatever you must to survive.

New Playable Class: Survivalist

30 Subclass Options

100+ New Spells & Feats

Foraging/Crafting System

New Features for All Classes

50+ New Monsters

Fate-altering Curses

Tools to Build Your Own Survival-horror Settings

300+ Adventure Hooks

Horror-Survival Mechanics

Ever-changing Environments


Keep players moving, foraging, and fighting to survive with new mechanics that will test your players’ ingenuity and grit. Customize your game across three axes — survival, horror, and combat. With ever-changing environments and adjustable difficulties, experience something different in every campaign.
Here, monsters hunt. Elements challenge. Hunger weakens. And every trial threatens madness.

Early Feedback

Hear what our alpha testers have to say about their experiences in the Gloaming Wild:

  • My primary goal as DM is to facilitate immersive cooperative storytelling experiences. The Gloaming Wild system helps me create nuanced situations that force hard choices and result in lasting consequences for both the characters and their world. This system helps me create a game in which every choice matters. One challenge turns to many as the characters face the fallout of their actions.
  • Playing a Lycanthrope in Orzovia was a thrilling and terrifying experience. I could tell that I was a huge threat to friend and foe alike. This added a palpable tension to my campaign experience that was very interesting.
  • The chance of being infected with lycanthropy or cursed with undeath elevates the intensity of every combat. Players in my group were leaning over the table, holding their breath to see the results of each saving throw.
  • Playing a campaign in Orzovia has been so much fun! I've really enjoyed the Divine Agent Rogue subclass, which feels powerful and uniquely flavorful. Orzovia forces you to think about aspects of RPG's that are often downplayed, such as rests, healing, rations, etc.. The fantasy setting of Orzovia has far exceeded my expectations, and I have greatly enjoyed our time in it!
  • In Orzovia a Cleric's work is never done, but the new Cleansing Domain Cleric is up to the challenge. The new spells and the Might and Magic feature provides many options for improved action economy. This helps a lot whether you're on the front lines holding back the darkness or quickly need to snatch an ally from the clutches of death or simply need to punch evil in the face.
  • The College of Hymns bard is one of the most functional characters I've ever played. This bard's support capabilities have been critical in surviving several fights in our campaign.