Finally! Systems for a gritty survival-horror experience in your 5e Campaign.

The Wilderness System will test players’ ingenuity and grit while enabling tables to easily scale and customize their campaign’s difficulty and flavor.

In a world filled with danger and darkness...
Not all who pick up a blade will master it.
Not all people of faith will be granted miracles.
Not all will choose to venture into the wild.
But you did.

If you survive, you become more than just a victim in a crumbling world.
A survivor discovers what doesn’t devour you will inevitably make you stronger.

This premise —the survivor that rises above their circumstances — is at the core of what The Gloaming Wild aims facilitate for your characters and your stories.

In the Gloaming Wild, your survivor character will be an extraordinary person. Whether they are driven by necessity, opportunity, or a higher calling, they have chosen to forsake safety and security by venturing beyond the walls of civilization — something that few others dare to even contemplate. Your character’s class levels represent their abilities improving as they continue to survive the dangers of the wild, whether that be growing skill with a weapon, favor with the divine, or both.

Many classes and subclasses from other publications will feel right at home in the world of Orzovia, but the Gloaming Wild offers more than just sandbox tools and lore. The following subclass options were designed specifically for the themes and mechanics of a survival-horror campaign. The alpha testers have loved the these subclasses. We hope you will too.


Path of the Wildlands

Barbarians of the Wildlands Path thrive in the wilderness. Their connection to both nature and creator guides their steps in battle and awards them heightened awareness of their surroundings. These barbarians lean heavily on these instincts to fight, traverse the land, and even command the terrain.

Path of the Lycan

If you're walking around with the curse of lycanthropy in your blood, you already have a monster on the inside. When you rage, some of that monster comes out. The more you do this, the more dangerous you become - for friends and foes alike. Only creatures who carry the curse of lycanthropy can choose the Lycan barbarian path. The abilities that manifest in this subclass are the result of the curse you carry and application of your barbarian training.


College of Hymns

No one can deny the power of music to move the soul. College of Hymns Bards blend divine magic with song. They sing and play music to lift spirits, embolden heroes, and even heal wounds. Before the Collapse, these holy musicians would study in seminary to lead the Orthodox Church in congregational worship. In times of war, they would often march into battle with the pontiffs and soldiers, Now, bards tend to the sick and wounded in the Great Cathedral or wander the continent offering respite to burdened spirits in need.

College of Pipers

College of Pipers Bards blend follower magic with soothing melodies that influence man and beast alike. Their music can aid a weary soul or dissuade a hostile beast from violence. These pipers weave magical tunes that can carry magical properties as a cleric or druid of the follower faith would, but they have a special gift all their own. Piper bards use their music to call and command swarms of tiny beastly friends from the wilderness. These tiny creatures swarm foes in battle, making it difficult to move while being bitten by their little teeth.

Though a rare sight, a talented enough Pipers have been known to have hundreds or even thousands of rats, squirrels or snakes in tow while traipsing about the forest. Sometimes even men can be seen following a piper, calmed and lured by their divine songs.


Cleansing Domain

Of all the aspects of the Orthodox faith, there is one that stands paramount in these dark times: Cleansing. Clerics of the Cleansing Domain embrace the purifying aspects of Prowdazar and seek to do his will in beating back the darkness and eradicating the undead. These warrior priests get up close and personal with evil and punch it in the face - literally.

Forest Domain

Most keepers of the Follower faith are born, raised, and live out their days in the forest. To them, the forest is life itself. It is through creation they see the Creator reveal Himself. Clerics of the Forest Domain have much in common with druids, having such a strong bond with both the land, the plants, and the creatures of the world and most importantly, He who made it.


Circle of Elements

Certain druids have dedicated themselves to creating a deeper bond with Prowdazar through the four elements of his creation. Through dedicated training and prayer, the Circle of Elements druid is able to channel power from these elements into destructive magical surges.

Bolts of lightning and bursts of fire emit from the druid's body. They command water and earth to rise and fall. Some dedicate themselves to the mastery of a singular element, while others embrace the full array of elements of nature. To battle a druid of this circle is to taunt the very forces of creation.

Circle of Bones

Druids that choose the Circle of Bones forsake the Follower's faith in search of power from a darker source. Instead of manipulating living things, they have power over the dead through their communion with the Lord of Bones. Choosing this subclass prevents you from gaining any abilities related to Orthodox or Follower faith at later levels.

When choosing this druid circle, you sever your connection to the life forces of nature that other druids channel. Instead, you have communed with the Lord of Bones and he has given you a connection to his powers of death. Any beasts or fey you conjure with a druid spell appear as undead versions of those creatures.



Hospitallers are able combatants and caretakers in battle. Their knowledge of anatomy and surgical skills make them a deadly force in a fight, but their true worth is their ability to rush to the aid of their fallen comrades with their medical training and expertly brewed potions. They defend the fallen and get them back into the fight as fast as possible. Popular among mercenary bands, these practical healers prove invaluable to any band of ruffians that regularly needs patching up.

These healers aren't reliant on religion, just science and herbs to treat the wounded. Because of this, these combat medics are in high demand among those operating in the grayer areas of morality. Of course not all Hospitallers are swayed by the tempting coin offered by unscrupulous characters. Hospitallers frequently find work of all sorts with honest adventurers or wander giving freely of their talents to folk in need of a healing hand.


The Quartermaster is a fighter who makes, maintains, and enhances weapons and armor for themselves and their comrades. Whether they be self-taught or formally trained, these warrior smiths can hone weapons to be more effective or improve armor to increase its protection. Quartermaster Fighters use their knowledge of armor to create and exploit weaknesses in opponent's defenses.

Popular in mercenary bands, Quartermasters are valued allies for any party that relies on arms and armor, which is most groups in a world fraught with violence. Their talents in repairing and improving equipment keep a group sharp and well protected.

The Quartermaster offers a path for item enhancement in a setting light on magic items. The Quartermaster was created for players that enjoy providing benefits to their allies and enjoy the strategy and ritual of planning and preparing before a battle.


Way of the Intuit

While most monks use their ki to master their own mind and bodies. When you choose this tradition, you learn spiritual disciplines that allow you to affect not only your own body and soul, but the souls and bodies of others as well.

As a follower, your connection with nature allows you to understand how bodies function on a spiritual level. With this understanding and monk training, you are able to focus your ki to cleanse a creature's body or elevate it to a higher level of ability.

Way of the Dead

This monastic tradition is significantly less formal than its counterparts. It was born, evolved, and taught out of necessity and efficiency over religion and tradition. Being less rooted in religious teaching, the Way of the Dead relies heavily on instincts and practical techniques to effectively combat the walking dead, or avoid physical confrontation with them all together. These monks achieve these goals through speed and stealth.

When you practice the Way of the Dead, you learn to survive by moving, evading, and moving some more. You’ve likely lived on your own and on the run for long stretches of time. So far, you've managed to not get eaten, that’s the first step to staying alive. The easiest way to not be eaten is to keep moving. When you need to, you know how to survive a fight when outnumbered. You know how to use your enemies’ numbers against them.


Oath of Flames

Paladins who take this oath dedicate themselves to punishing evil and preserving the innocent by any means necessary. Excelling at exterminating evil in all forms, these holy warriors use the gifts of divine flames to ensure a safer life for others.

Tenets of Flames:

Cleansing Fire. I will immolate any dark creature that crosses my path.
Unforgiving Flame. I will not suffer monstrous men who exploit the innocent. Those who have shown no mercy shall receive none from me.
Sustaining Embers. I dedicate myself to do what is necessary to preserve those in my charge, even in the most desperate situations.
Light in the Dark. Through my acts of charity, kindness, and courage, I’ll endeavor to stoak embers of hope in others.

Oath of Refuge

The Oath of the Refuge is taken by the holy warriors of the Follower faith. These brave men and women wield divine magics alongside their arms and armor. They defend communities from the dangers that would molest the sparse bastions of civilization in the wilderness. These paladins are masters of their terrain. They traverse the wilds unseen, calling upon the land itself to aid in the defense of a civilization that lives in harmony with the earth it inhabits.

Tenets of Refuge:

Community. Places where people live and work together are sacred and I am duty-bound to protect them.
Sanctuary. I will aid the passage of all who seek a life of harmony and honest work.
Security. I will do all within my power to halt or impede evil's approach to a community's door, laying down my own life if needed.
Stewardship. I will honor the land, its resources and inhabitants, as gifts from above, never taking more than needed, never trampling uselessly.

Oath of Blood

The Oath of Blood is for characters who have pledged themselves to a vampire lord, and have gained a portion of their dark power in return. Their supernatural abilities are not granted by the Firelord, but the Lord of Blood. Only creatures who carry the curse of vampirism take the Oath of Blood. The abilities that manifest in this subclass are the result of the curse you carry and your paladin training.

Tenets of Blood:

Rule Through Fear. Cattle herd best when they fear the whip. Blood tastes sweetest when filled with terror. Fear is a powerful tool with many applications.
Maintain the Natural Order. There are predators and prey. Game that forgets its place must be reminded publicly and severely.
Advance the House. I must weigh my actions and their consequences against the interests of my house. I must further their will and gain favor with the Lord of Blood.


Beast Trainer

Some Rangers prefer to work with a partner when tackling the challenges of the wilderness. Beast Trainer rangers form a supernatural bond with a beast through their divine magics. Rather than focusing solely on sharpening their own skills and abilities, these rangers train their beasts to learn new abilities in order to become a more formidable team.

Eagle Eye

The Eagle Eye Ranger is an unparalleled marksman thanks to their natural talents and ranger magic. These archers call upon the firelord to guide their shots and even infuse them with a variety of supernatural effects. They can call upon the spirit of a flaming eagle to illuminate targets, guiding consecutive strikes for themselves and their allies. These rangers are avid hunters, valued watchmen, and revered guardians of the hallowed forests of Flinterhorne.



Sneaks, scoundrels, saviors. As long as there are valuable items and people that want them, there will be those to move goods and people discreetly. Whether it be stolen valuables or oppressed refugees, these rogues are experts in the craft of concealment.

The increased control and oppression in Zelindra by the vampire aristocracy has created the necessity of black markets. Basic necessities are rationed and distributed by the government and luxury items and weapons have been outlawed altogether. Skilled rouges who can move and hide contraband have become invaluable to the common folk in urban Zelindra. Those willing to break the law to sneak people out of the country and southward towards freedom have become literal saviors to the oppressed.

Divine Agent

In the affairs of protecting and ensuring the church’s interests, Paladins are a strong hammer. Sometimes a job doesn’t call for a hammer, it needs a scalpel. Divine Agents are spies and assassins that put otherwise unscrupulous skill sets to use for the greater good of the church. These silent, precise operatives are granted fragments of celestial power to aid them in their work.


Firekeeper Bloodline

In Orzovia, bloodline magic is exceedingly rare. It is feared just as often as it is revered, if not more often. Because all magical talents are granted by a source - either a benevolent light or a treacherous darkness - natural-born magics are viewed either as a blessing or a curse. Natural-born pyromancers, Firekeepers possess an extremely rare gift to withstand and manipulate fire. Passed from fathers to sons, mothers to daughters. Like blue eyes, or red hair, this natural affinity for fire can lie dormant for generations before it manifests again, usually at puberty or in a traumatic event.


Saint Patron

You are a vessel for a saint of the faith, long past. This saint may be famous with statues, songs, and stories across the land, or they may have died heroically and no one even knows their name today. Either way, they persist as an angelic force and have chosen you to continue their work in the current age. They may have a specific mission left unfinished that they would require you to see through on their behalf, or your patron may simply wish you to continue to protect and aid mortals as they did before they met their demise.

You have been granted a fraction of your patron's heavenly power, lending you supernatural strength and divine magics when you need them. Instead of relying on your own physical capacities, your Saintly Patron supplies you the strength required for the tasks ahead.

Bloodlord Patron

This Warlock Patron is for those who have pledged themselves to a powerful vampire lord. More than mere brutes, these vampires explore the mystical arts and supernatural powers granted by the Lord of Blood. Their powers are dark and nefarious, making them terrifying foes in a battle, and unnerving manipulators of lesser beings.


School of Vivamancy

A small, elite faction of the church’s scholars, these wizards affect the battlefield to shift the tides of war - first against the Zilindran Empire, and now against the dead. These men of faith and research are the best minds on alchemy, medicine, and the laws of creation. They harness the powers of creation to find an edge in war and patch up the wounded when victory is decided.